For many people, gum disease can become a serious health risk when it reaches an advanced stage. Many experts in the dental field say that poor brushing habits and an overall lack of oral hygiene are to blame for this issue, and have become increasingly concerned with combating this growing problem. Though many dental professionals treat gum disease through the use of antibiotics and surgical procedures, it has also come to light that simple oral irrigation can be just as effective as these measures.

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Thank you very much for the complimentary ShowerBreeze™ and QuickBreeze™. I am using it myself and have recommended [competing product] for years. This is much better, easier, cleaner and does the job. I look forward to recommending these products for my patients. Have a great holiday and thanks again.

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All units have a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. * No questions, no hassle, just an immediate return of your purchase price. Returned products must be undamaged. *S & H is not included.

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OralBreeze helps cure and control gum disease

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