Why Choose an OralBreeze Oral Irrigation Product?

Reversing and preventing gum disease relies on daily plaque control. But while brushing your teeth every day is a good start, it simply isn't enough. That’s why dental professionals recommend oral irrigation as an effective way to reduce plaque buildup without the tedium of flossing. Using an oral irrigator like those produced by OralBreeze for just 15 seconds after brushing can significantly improve the overall health of your teeth and gums, according to recent dental studies.

But you can’t reap these benefits just by buying an oral irrigator. You have to use it every day. The "toxic stew” of trapped food particles, bacteria and saliva known as plaque hardens into tartar in just 24 hours and then can only be removed by a dentist. So unless you commit to getting rid of plaque every day, no matter what, this contaminated crust will build up and inflame your gums, eventually leading to advanced gum disease.

Many oral irrigation products are large appliances with bulky tanks that take up valuable counter space and are just too much of a pain to set up and use. As a result, 90% of oral flosser’s sit in bathroom cabinets or under the sink collecting dust, rather than removing plaque like they should. Out of sight, out of mind! However, OralBreeze products are designed to easily connect to your bathroom faucet or showerhead, without blocking them, so they are always ready to use.

OralBreeze products also have a number of other advantages over other competing products..

No mess to clean up

Electric oral irrigators can splatter water and oral debris all over mirrors and counter tops. But when you use the ShowerBreeze, all of this potential mess is contained within an already wet shower.

No bulky tanks

OralBreeze’s portable designs make them easier to pack and take with you whenever you are traveling away from home.

No risk of bacterial growth

Bacteria can accumulate in water tanks. Since OralBreeze products attach to your faucet or shower head you are always guaranteed fresh, clean water.

No loud electric motors

Many people use their oral irrigators early in the morning when other people might be sleeping. Your family or roommates will definitely appreciate how quiet an OralBreeze product is, even on its most powerful settings.

No pain

OralBreeze allows you to control the water pressure, from completely off to completely on and everything in between. No matter which setting you choose, you’ll get a smooth, easy stream of soothing water that power washes your teeth and gums without causing pain or soreness.

No pulsating motors

Pulsating action is a marketing gem. Does your pressure washer pulsate  or your car wash? Most water sprinklers do not. As a result, these products are prone to breaking. Because of the unique, motorless design of OralBreeze products, you won’t ever need to buy replacement parts. We don’t even sell them! However, if anything does happen to your OralBreeze product, we’ll make it right, please contact us.

No breaking the bank

Despite all of their benefits, OralBreeze products are still significantly less expensive than the other oral irrigation products on the market. We also provide a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee for all ShowerBreeze, QuickBreeze and HydroCare units.

*S & H not included


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