OralBreeze FAQs

What is the difference between ShowerBreeze™ and Hydrocare?

ShowerBreeze™is the luxury model, think Lexus

Hydrocare is the base standard model, link Civic

ShowerBreeze™ is all metal, with a 6 foot hose, and two variety angle tips whereas Hydrocare has some plastic in the valve, with a 3 foot hose, and two identical angle tips.

Why do I need OralBreeze™ when I brush and floss all the time?

Brushing and flossing alone cannot completely remove all of the plaque and biofilm from a person with gum disease. If it could, most gingivitis would be non-existent. Plaque biofilm is full of anaerobic bacteria (living without oxygen) that are deposited on your teeth and in the concave root surfaces under your gums. Your brush and floss can't physically reach all of these areas to completely remove these bacteria. However, with an Oral Breeze irrigator, you can easily deliver a stream of water to flush the bacteria and loose particles out of these hard-to-reach areas.

Why should I buy OralBreeze™ and not an electric irrigator with the tank that sits on the bathroom counter?

Well, the question almost answers itself. Ours are not electric, do not sit on the counter, and don't have a messy tank that accumulates bacteria. I would guess that most people have an electric irrigator of one kind or another. 90% of them sit unused, under the bathroom sink and covered in dust. They are just too much of a pain to set up and use. If you used the electric irrigator two or three times a day, then yes, you would have the same result. Our Breezes are there all the time, not in the way and the total time to use is about 30 seconds. Don't spend 15 or 20 minutes messing around with that bulky messy tank irrigator. Other benefits of the ShowerBreezeâ"¢ are that they also function as a water saver. You can take out the restrictor from your showerhead if you please. The ShowerBreezeâ"¢ is great at cleaning jewelry and dirty fingernails.

Why should I buy an OralBreeze Product and not an electric irrigator that sits on the counter?

There are a number of benefits to using an OralBreeze irrigator vs. and electric oral irrigator which sits on the counter:

  1. An OralBreeze irrigator saves space and gives you your counter space back.
  2. An OralBreeze oral irrigator does not use electricty, therefore has no additional ongoing costs other than the purchase price.
  3. An OralBreeze oral irrigator is gravity fed for on demand availability and works with your faucet for convenience.
  4. An OralBreeze oral irrigator is easy to set up and works with most every facuet.
  5. An OralBreeze oral irrigator is fast and easy to use with a switch right on your faucet so, there is no need to maintain, clean a tank or wait for an oral irrigator to power up to be ready to use.
  6. The OralBreeze oral irrigator has multiple cleaning uses for just about any small object such as jewelry, or other small objects.

Why don't OralBreeze Products Pulsate?

Try to think of one product you or your dentist uses for any purpose that pulsates. Hard to do, isn't it? That's because pulsating isn't all it's cracked up to be. When a company adds pulsating to a motor for oral hygiene, it is so a cheaper and smaller motor can be used. The motor needs to buildup pressure between discharges. And on top of that, a pulsating motor is one more thing to break. Does your garden hose pulsate? Do you notice that Oral Breeze does not sell replacement parts?

How does the QuickBreeze™ and ShowerBreeze™ work?

They operate using your house water pressure. You do not need electricity or batteries. Neither unit will interfere with the regular operation of the faucet or showerhead. The water flows normally until you activate the volume control. The water is then diverted to the hose and Breeze.

How do I install the ShowerBreeze™?

First, remove your existing showerhead. Use a channel wrench over cloth (so as to not scratch anything). Wrap the plumbers tape clockwise on the exposed pipe threads and attach the ShowerBreeze by turning clockwise until tight. You do not need tools, hand tighten only. Replace showerhead also using plumbers tape. Connect hand held tip to connector on other end of tube by pressing and turning until locked. Turn on shower, divert water flow through ShowerBreeze and test connections.

How do I install the QuickBreeze™?

Remove your one or two piece aerator from faucet. Insert flat O-ring into top of adapter. Then insert round O-ring into ribbed section of the Breeze. Install adaptor into your faucet turning counter-clockwise. Now install the Breeze using just the top ribbed section with hand pressure only. "Do not over tighten" You do not need tools. Do not use plumbers tape. Connect hand held tip to connector on other end of tube by pressing and turning until locked. Turn on faucet, divert water flow through Breeze and test connections.

What are the operating instructions?

Use warm water ONLY, NEVER use high pressure. Depending on the water pressure in your home, the strongest setting may be too powerful for you to use comfortably. Start at a low setting where it is comfortable to use. Then increase the pressure as needed and as your gums firm up. If you experience pain or unusual discomfort, lower the pressure setting immediately. Hold the tip close to the gum tissue, almost touching. Pause between each tooth and slowly move along gum line. If you feel that pulsating is somehow better, move the Breeze back and forth and you will accomplish the same thing. Continue until all the areas between and around your teeth have been irrigated. A thorough irrigation should take no more than 2 minutes. Continue to brush and floss as directed by your dental professional. Closely instruct and supervise children and individuals with special needs. Do not direct water under the tongue, into the eyes, ears or nose. Proper use of this product will not cause pain. If you feel pain, reduce the pressure setting and decrease the water temperature. If pain persists, do not use this product and consult your dental professional. Always breathe through your nose when using the ShowerBreeze or QuickBreeze. Breathing through your mouth may cause you to inhale water and impede normal breathing.

Why do I feel a tickling sensation?

You may feel a tickling sensation until your gums get used to regular stimulation.

Do you have tips with a smaller opening at the end?

Yes we do. These are called Cannulae Tips and are used for very deep under gum cleaning.

I have heard you can damage your gums by using oral irrigators, is this true?

No. In fact, dentists and hygienists perform in-office oral irrigation all of the time. It is an efficient way to reach bacteria deep under the gumline. The water stream safely flushes out harmful bacteria no more cutting your gums with floss!

Do I have to register on your web site?

No. There is no need to register with our website to make a purchase. Since there is no need to register, we do not keep a customer mailing list and thus DO NOT EMAIL YOU (SPAM) about any matter, except to respond to any of your inquiries.

How is your Customer Service?

WE ALWAYS SHIP TO YOU THE SAME DAY OR NEXT BUSINESS DAY FAST RESPONSE TO EMAILS. All products are stocked and shipped by us so we are able to provide the quickest and most efficient customer service. 30 Day Return Policy Guaranteed, (no questions asked) direct with Oral Breeze.

Are there any hidden costs?

On our website, we always tell you your total up front costs BEFORE you check out, so you always know exactly how much you will be paying, whereas other websites require you to register or don't tell you your total price (including taxes, shipping, and other hidden fees) until the very end after you have submitted your personal registration information. In addition, since we use both PayPal and Google Wallet as our 3rd party payment processors, WE DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR FINANCIAL (CREDIT CARD/BANK) INFORMATION as most other websites do. THIS EXTRA LAYER OF SECURITY MAKES SHOPPING WITH US THAT MUCH MORE SAFE.

How do I contact you?

We can be contacted through the website on our Contact Page