How to Breeze Effectively

Breeze with low water pressure (never use high pressure) and make sure to use warm water only. Depending upon the water pressure in your home, the strongest setting may be too powerful for you to use comfortably. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to start at a low water pressure. Then, increase the water pressure to your liking, or as your gums firm up after some weeks of use. At first, you may feel a slight tickling sensation. That’s normal. Yet very soon, your gums will become accustomed to the regular stimulation.

If you should experience pain or unusual discomfort, lower the pressure setting immediately.

Make sure to hold your breeze close to the gums, almost touching them. Pause between each tooth as you slowly move along the gum line. Continue until the area between and around your teeth has been thoroughly irrigated. And always follow the recommendations of your dental professional.

Important Safeguards:
  1. Closely supervise and instruct children and individuals with special needs in these important safeguards.
  2. Do not direct water under the tongue, into the eyes, ears or nose. Proper use of this product will not cause pain.
  3. If you do feel pain, reduce the pressure setting and decrease the water temperature. If pain persists, do not use this product and consult your dental professional.
  4. Always breathe through your nose while using Oral Breeze. Breathing through your mouth may cause you to inhale water and impede normal breathing.
  5. If you have had oral or periodontal surgery in the past 12 months, contact your dentist prior to use.
  6. When you start any new oral hygiene program, your gums may initially bleed slightly. Contact your dentist if excessive bleeding occurs.

This product is designed for oral cleaning only. Do not use the unit for any other purpose. As with any other new oral hygiene product, individuals with heart problems should check with their physician prior to using and should always exercise particular care with any oral hygiene device.

Use your Oral Breeze only as indicated in the instructions or as recommended by your dental professional. We are not responsible for injuries due to improper use. Once you have experience the benefits of using OralBreeze products, remember your loved ones with the inexpensive gift of dental health.