For deep gingivitis pockets For deep gingivitis pockets Deep Pocket Irrigator Syringe Deep Pocket Irrigator Syringe
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Irrigating with any oral irrigator, including OralBreeze's products, certainly is good. However, for Advanced Periodontal disease, a Deep Pocket Oral Irrigator provides irrigation in the deep pockets caused by periodontal disease and is very effective in reversing and shrinking those pockets. The tips will all fit the syringe or the Oral Breeze® adaptor. However, to use the "Oral Breeze® adaptor," you must own one of our Oral Irrigators, like the QuickBreeze®, or ShowerBreeze®.

The "Deep Pocket Oral Irrigator" gives a very reduced flow of water, so as not to damage delicate tissue.

Made by Americans in a Veteran Owned and Operated Company

NOTE: Because of the intended use there are no refunds on this product. The Deep Pocket Oral Irrigator is effective pressurized cleaning for the 4mm + "deep pockets" between the teeth, and along the gum line.


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