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QuickBreeze ,Oral Irrigator, Water Jet Dental Irrigator by Oral Breeze 15 seconds a day

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This oral irrigator is a water flosser that attaches to your sink. A chrome-plated brass valve connects to existing faucets with the use of the included adaptor . The valve is equipped with a switch that diverts the flow of water. In the regular position, water flows freely through the valve as though it was a standard faucet, providing running water for daily activities. When switched on, it diverts water through a 24-inch hose that comes ready to attach to two tips that funnel the water into a fine stream to clear away food and debris.

  • Installs without tools.
  • Easily detaches from sink
  • Made in America by a veteran owned company
  • Comes with 2 Piks - 1 Yellow and 1 Green.
  • Stop gingivitis / periodontitis.
  • End gum disease
  • Convenient and lightweight
  • No risk of bacterial growth.
  • No mess to clean up
  • No loud electric motors
  • Affordable - No breaking the bank


This thing is great. You almost don't have to brush after using it. It makes your teeth feel so clean. I had a little bit of a hard time getting the nozzle to fit onto the end of the hose. I had to take a nail file and file down the tops of the little tabs on each side of the nozzle that fit into two grooves at the end of the hose. Not too much, just enough to allow me to twist it into position. It leaks just a little where the aerator screws into my faucet. I'm sure the problem's with my faucet, not the aerator. I called customer service about the problem, and they advised me to try some plumbers tape. I haven't done it yet. Too lazy. The girl that I dealt with in customer service, I think her name was Janet, was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I wish I had gotten this thing years ago. No more (inferior) floss to buy, YAY!!!
Every dentist should recommend this product to his or her patients! I have used one for thirty years. Mine didn't wear out, I moved and damaged the faucet trying to put it on, so had to purchase another one. These are the perfect cleaner for teeth with braces, but good product for anyone with teeth.
5.0 out of 5 stars faucet vs. shower water flosser is a win=win
OMG My DDS told me to buy a shower flosser. My husband has a motorized water pic which drives me crazy with the noise and troubles she said suggested immediate attachment flosser. I researched it and found most voted for faucet attachment vs. shower. I bought faucet flosser and loved it. I can control the water pressure, temp, and no mess.
Better than flosser or pic. Good irrigator, able to control water pressure. No countertop. Leave hooked up, but easy to disconnect.
When my water pick died, my dentist recommended this to me. Works great!
Does a great job without taking up counter space. Super easy to detach from the faucet when not in use. Or leave it on. Either way is fine. The price is right, it does a great job and is tiny. What more could you ask for? Just be very careful when attaching the tips to the hose. Read the instructions carefully and follow. Not difficult at all but necessary. Otherwise, get it!
5.0 out of 5 stars Easy to use, great results!
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This review is from QuickBreeze - the EZ Dental Irrigator/flosser w/ lifetime warranty (Health and Beauty)
I was waiting to visit my dentist and to hear about improvement after using this product, and then finally find time to review this product, with real arguments. I've purchased Quick Breeze month ago, after ending up at a dentist, and diagnosed with gum disease. I lived in rented rooms for a while, shared bathrooms, and no matter how much I brushed and flossed was not enough, but I also could not use some device like this until I've found the right place and standard bathroom, which finally happened. But also visits the dentists and spending lots of money on her work, and the only way to end up the pain and heal was to buy one of these, as she recommended.

In the past, I had container version of water pick, but water pressure was way too low, and tank emptied too fast, not to mention mess on the sink.
The reason I bought this product is it seemed more solid, connected to a faucet it can for sure give you any level of water pressure or temperature that you like. Also, I wanted a product made in the USA, if possible because I'm tired of poor quality and spending money on products of short time use.

As described, to start using doesn't require more than 5 min and maybe a towel. No wrench. No man's hand, any girl can do it. Also it is not cheap piece of metal as someone wrote in one of the reviews, it's a good quality solid piece of metal, with original Oral breeze logo, and rubber that is used for water supply hose, is very elastic and not too thin that you have a feeling it will explode under high pressure.
I live in apartment building and have two faucets, it was leaking a little bit more in my bathroom, so I attached it on the kitchen sink. It only takes one simple click to remove it so I can still use my sink, and there's no mess. I put the rest of the tools back in the cabinet, and it makes it invisible.
It is so simple to use that you can take it if you travel, as long as there will be the most simple faucet.

After the first day of using, I felt like so much higher level of cleanliness. In just a few days, my gum disease started to lose the battle. I only used salt once or twice, I was just rinsing with the Oral breeze, not just once a day but whenever to have a chance, helps so much. Pain is gone, gum disease is gone, and I never felt this happy with my oral hygiene. After weeks and months relief is hard to describe, also, I'm healthy again, loosing so many other bad feelings, headaches, jaw and muscle pain and sensitivity caused by gum disease.

I don't use chemicals or so much mouthwash as before; my breath stays fresh all day long, gums are firm and healthy, my dentist was so excited with improvement.

It may leak a little bit around aerator, but I feel it like should be some pressure relief because I'm using the highest I can bare and sometimes wondering it too much for not so expensive faucet and sink. Still doesn't spray around, and if does, just a towel or something was thrown on the faucet, stops it.

Using this product for a month changed the quality of my life, also reduced spending I had for the dentist. I don't have to visit her for months, and even then, just to control.

I love this product and will continue to use, replacing parts when needed. So far it all works perfectly.

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