QuickBreeze® Oral Irrigator - Dental Water Flosser QuickBreeze® Oral Irrigator - Dental Water Flosser QuickBreeze® Oral Irrigator - Dental Water Flosser QuickBreeze® Oral Irrigator - Dental Water Flosser
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Product Features

This oral irrigator is a water flosser that attaches to your sink. The QuickBreeze® valve is equipped with a switch that diverts the flow of water. In the regular position, water flows freely through the valve as though it was a standard faucet, providing running water for daily activities. When switched on, it diverts water through a 24-inch hose that comes ready to attach to two tips that funnel the water into a fine stream to clear away food and debris. Note - an adaptor may be needed for installation.  Click on our Accessories page for a package of 3.


  • Installs without tools.
  • Easily detaches from sink.
  • Made in America by a veteran-owned company.
  • Comes with 2 Piks - 1 Yellow and 1 Green.
  • Stop gingivitis / periodontitis.
  • End gum disease.
  • Convenient and lightweight.
  • No risk of bacterial growth.
  • No mess to clean up.
  • No loud electric motors.
  • Affordable - No breaking the bank.
  • Aerator fitting size - Male 15/16"-27 x Female 55/64"-27.

5.0 out of 5 stars Better than flosser or pic


Verified Purchase

Better than flosser or pic. Good irrigator, able to control water pressure. No countertop. Leave hooked up, but easy to disconnect.

5.0 out of 5 starsSimple alternatives to water pick

By Dave P.

Verified Purchase

When my water pick died, my dentist recommended this to me. Works great!

5.0 out of 5 starsDoes a great job without taking up counter space

 Easy to use, great results!

By Marinchich

Verified Purchase(What's this?)

This review is from QuickBreeze

- the sink Irrigator/flosser w/ lifetime warranty (Health and Beauty)

I was waiting to visit my dentist and to hear about improvement after using this product, and then finally find time to review this product, with real arguments. I've purchased Quick Breeze a month ago, after ending up at a dentist, and diagnosed with gum disease. I lived in rented rooms for a while, shared bathrooms, and no matter how much I brushed and flossed was not enough, but I also could not use some device like this until I've found the right place and standard bathroom, which finally happened. But also visits the dentists and spending lots of money on her work, and the only way to end the pain and heal was to buy one of these, as she recommended.

In the past, I had container version of water pick, but water pressure was way too low, and tank emptied too fast, not to mention mess on the sink.
The reason I bought this product is it seemed more solid, connected to a faucet it can for sure give you any level of water pressure or temperature that you like. Also, I wanted a product made in the USA, if possible because I'm tired of poor quality and spending money on products of short time use.

QuickBreeze Installation

*Note - The QuickBreeze has been updated as of 3/21/2016. If you purchased a QuickBreeze after this date, the NEW QuickBreeze (previously named the EZBreeze) video located below is the proper instructional video for installation.

If purchased before 3/21/2016, the installation vides are below:

Detailed Installation


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