How to Maintain Dental Hygiene. Oral Irrigation is the Key!

Having a healthy mouth is one of the most important ways to maintain your overall health. While there are many dental diseases in existence, most can be prevented through maintaining proper dental health. There are several simple but effective ways to ensure your mouth is healthy for many years to come.

Brushing your teeth twice a day is truly the foundation of a healthy mouth. Most dentists recommend you brush your teeth twice daily, in the morning after eating breakfast and in the evening before going to bed. You should brush for 3 minutes, ensuring you hit all areas of your teeth, including your tongue. Brushing your teeth helps to prevent plaque buildup and the growth of bacteria like gingivitis on your gums.

In addition to regular brushing at home, visiting your dentist every six months is also an integral part of maintaining a healthy mouth. Your dentist can check and clean every part of your mouth with professional equipment, ensuring a healthy smile and gums. Regular x-rays of your mouth will also allow the dentist a full picture of your teeth and help prevent problems, like cavities, before they become a serious issue.

There are countless dental products available to consumers to maintain dental health, but the most efficient product on the market today is an OralBreeze oral irrigation system. While regular brushing is effective, it does not always remove all the bacteria and food particles from your mouth. An oral irrigation product is simple, easy to use and highly effective. It uses water to cleanse your mouth, removing small food particles that aren’t easily accessed by your toothbrush or other dental products.

Taking simple steps to maintain a healthy mouth is a worthwhile investment. Spending a few minutes each day taking care of your teeth will pay huge dividends in the future.