Oral Irrigation Helps Prevent Gingivitis

Your teeth are the strongest and most disease resistant part of your body; think about it. With all the germs and bacteria that hit your mouth each day how many germs actually cause your teeth to decay? Not all that many cause tooth decay. That we do for ourselves with poor brushing. But what happens in our mouths that are caused by germs is gingivitis along with tooth decay. Using oral irrigation is a method of prevention.

Gingivitis is a Hard to Miss Disease

Gingivitis is a hard to miss disease because it causes the gums to bleed. So that is why it is visible each time that you brush your teeth by spots of blood in your spit or on your toothbrush. So each time that you rinse your mouth some blood will appear coloring the spit reddish.

Gingivitis may also be hard to miss because it can cause pain in your mouth. Many people do not even know that they have it until the pain starts and the gums bleed. Many people do not even know what gingivitis is according to a survey that says 66% of the American public do not know what the disease is let alone how it is caused. Gingivitis is a bleeding of the gums or the area surrounding the teeth. A healthy mouth should appear light pink and not swollen around the teeth. In an infected mouth the area around the teeth will appear swollen. The gums bleed lightly when irritated. This disease is often called trench mouth named after the World War II soldiers who had this disease from being stuck in the trenches for a long period of time.

Luckily in our time we have good practices for oral irrigation that helps to prevent gingivitis and other inflammations of the mouth that can occur. Upon seeing any blood on your toothbrush a person should see their dentist as soon as possible.

How Oral Irrigation Prevents Gum Disease

Keeping your mouth clean is of paramount importance in preventing any disease from forming in your mouth. The mouth is the driest part of your body and your teeth are exposed to thousands of of bacteria each and every day so keeping your mouth clean is no easy task.

With an oral irrigation system the job of keeping your mouth clean has become easier though. These systems clean between the teeth where many germs hide and get trapped. This is probably the foremost cause of gum disease and tooth decay. The area between the teeth is a difficult spot for even the best brushers to reach with an ordinary toothbrush. With a system you are able to clean properly and prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Brushing properly is of course the first line of defense. A good toothbrush and a proper cleaning action alone account for many of the preventative measures used in your mouth to prevent diseases. Many people do not practice good brushing technique and so the gum disease grows. This is a Catch 22 because people with gum disease, brush less because of the soreness that the gum disease creates. Here are some tips on correct brushing techniques:

  • Brush your tongue because many germs rest here and then just transports to between the teeth as you eat.
  • Brush for at least one and one half to two minutes with an adequate toothbrush. Your toothbrush should be changed each week.
  • Brush in a round motion drawing circles around the teeth and gums.
  • Move your head as you are brushing to get water and toothpaste into all the crevices.

Flossing is another because flossing cleans between the teeth where many bacteria are trapped and grow. Oral irrigation products can floss more accurately than the waxed filament that comes in the packages. These systems are designed to get between the teeth where the bacteria are trapped and flush out the particles.

Your teeth are stronger at disease prevention than any other part of your body. With some simple techniques including oral irrigation produces and proper brushing you will help your mouth stay healthy and prevent the gum disease called gingivitis.