Food Packing Between Gums and Teeth causes Gum Disease

Sometimes people may have gum recession, a crown, bridge, or filling which just doesn't feel right. There may be a triangle shaped space or "open contact" between the 2 teeth and the gum line, that would have normally been filled with gum tissue or tooth surface. Or you may even have a bridge with an open area underneath, between it and the gum tissue. These open areas tend to collect packed food at every meal and can be quite tedious to clean. Sometimes the areas are so wide that even a narrow strip of floss will not easily remove the debris. With the OralBreeze oral irrigators you can easily flush those areas free of packed food.

Also, because Periodontal (or gum) disease causes the gums to become detached from the tooth's root surface, the result is deep pockets around the tooth. This is where the disease causing bacteria sits and harbors, and can cause even further bone and gum loss as well as bad breath. These deep pocket areas can be a prime place for your food to hide after a meal. It can be uncomfortable, cause bad breath, and swollen, bleeding gums. These areas can be difficult or even physically impossible to clean with traditional oral care methods. The result is food packing very deep and heavily into these pouches under the gums. Unless physically removed, the effect will be bacteria that are left alone to multiply and increase the severity of the already deep pocket. This can often lead to severe bone loss or even the loss of your effected teeth. Cleaning these areas is extremely important so as to prevent any disease progression.

Packed food can also cause increased risk of decay between teeth or on the root surfaces. Root surfaces decay quicker than the stronger enamel of the tooth which is above the gum surface. These types of decayed areas are more difficult for a dentist to restore and may result in root canals or even tooth loss.

An OralBreeze oral irrigator can help you keep your teeth longer, because it makes cleaning these areas so easy.