Diabetes Mellitus and Gum Disease

Diabetes is a serious condition that can have incredibly adverse affects upon the human body. There are many complications associated with the condition of diabetes mellitus, including gum disease. Many medical professionals state that individuals who have poor control over their blood sugar levels see a higher presence of gum disease both more frequently and to a severe degree than those who have control over these levels.

For individuals with diabetes, the disease is known to cause the thickening of blood vessels in the body, causing these tissues to lose their elastic quality. Likewise, this loss of elasticity leads to a decrease in oxygen flow to body tissues needed to maintain their health and remove harmful bacteria from the body. The end result of these issues often leads to higher glucose levels in the saliva which provides a food source to the bacteria in the patient’s mouth. Gum disease is directly caused by bacteria in the mouth, setting up the perfect scenario in this case for serious gum disease.

Gum disease causes an infection of the gums and bone and if not treated early, can lead to serious infections of the mouth that often require surgery or even lead to tooth loss. The treatment of gum disease varies upon the amount of damage the disease and infection has caused in the mouth. If caught in its early stages, simple interventions that require less invasive procedures are possible.

However, the best treatment in the fight against gum disease is prevention. Patients with diabetes should closely monitor their blood sugar levels to prevent the possibility of gum disease and visit with their dentist regularly. Preventative care like twice annual cleaning’s from a dentist and good oral health care at home are strong measures against gum disease and can prevent serious issues before they happen. Brushing twice daily and investing in an OralBreeze oral irrigation system to remove plaque and food particles helps ensure a healthy mouth and reduce the presence of bacteria on the gums.