Bleeding Gums Explained

Care of bleeding gums starts with proper dental care: brushing and oral irrigating twice a day, yearly dental cleanings. It’s not at all mysterious.  

75 – 95% Of Americans unknowingly suffer from periodontal disease. The public frame of reference for oral health and dental disease is based upon many misconceptions, one of the most erroneous being that teeth are not meant to last a whole lifetime. In truth, no other part of the human body is as well constructed and capable of recovering from disease. Yet it is "common knowledge” that we begin to get cavities at a young age, and our teeth continue to deteriorate until old age, when they must be replaced.

In the absence of periodontal disease, teeth and gums have every chance of remaining healthy and strong until a ripe old age. Unfortunately, periodontal disease, which can not only destroy teeth and gums and the nerves that serve them, but can also mysteriously lead to heart disease, diabetes, respiratory illness, osteoporosis, pre-term or low birth weight delivery, and stroke.

So what causes periodontal disease? Stages include pyorrhea and gingivitis, usually considered separate diseases, but which are actually part of the same disease. Loose teeth, bleeding and painful gums are all evidence of the microbial organisms settling along the gum line and working their way under, where they will settle in a place that cannot be reached by flossing and brushing.

To combat periodontal disease, one must be able to oral irrigate under the gum line, where pockets form between teeth and gums in the presence of decay. Salves, creams or any other magic solutions are not going to dislodge last night’s popcorn kernels or plaque buildup that ultimately causes bleeding gums, gingivitis and periodontitis.

Get the ShowerBreeze, the QuickBreeze or the HydroCare oral irrigation systems. These ingenious devices flush out loosely attached plaque and food particles trapped between teeth and under the gum line, where brushing and flossing can’t reach. Attach to any showerhead or faucet for permanent and easy use and accessibility.