Why OralBreeze Products are Affordable

Many oral care appliances that are sold over the counter or in a dental office can be extremely expensive. Some tools can easily cost up to $200 and even need several replacement parts over time. Sometimes you must even purchase specially filtered water to use in these machines so as not to get deposit buildup, which reduces the life of the appliances. This adds to the overall lifetime cost of counter-style irrigation systems.

Because there are no motors in our product, as long as you have running water it will work. There is no worry that the motor or parts will give out and break. You can use our product longer than other traditional irrigation machines. You won't need to worry about the internal pieces that may give out and prevent future usage, resulting in buying an entirely new machine.

Because of the cost of traditional electronic, oral care accessories, many people choose to put off buying them or never get them at all. This means more time for their periodontal disease to progress and the infectious bacteria under their gums to multiply and break down the connective tissue and spread to more teeth. This results in the gum disease progressing and leading to further bone loss, bad breath, gum recession, etc. sometimes ending in tooth loss.

Since our products are competitively priced, almost anyone can afford the benefits that the OralBreeze oral irrigator can offer them. That means improving your oral health sooner rather than later.