What's in Your Mouth Right Now Can Kill You

It is not an Urban Legend
It is not an Old Wives Tale
It is not some pseudo-science dreamed up by
Toothpaste companies to frighten you
It is a scientific fact
Poor oral health causes heart disease!

Every day people are becoming more health conscious. We join fitness clubs, eat organic foods, diet and exercise regularly. But while we are doing our best to maintain good health, we often overlook a dangerous component that is jeopardizing our efforts. That component is periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease generates dangerous bacteria that travels, via the bloodstream to the heart, triggering plaque buildup in the arteries and can cause Infective Endocarditis- a life-threatening infection of the heart. Also, it is often the underlying cause of stomach ulcers, and strokes. So regardless of how strict your daily regiment, if you don’t maintain your oral health you are creating an Achilles Heel that may, over time, lead to serious health concerns.

In a recent article published in Men’s Health magazine, Judy Kreismann R.D.H., M.A. a clinical professor of dental hygiene at New York University said that those who brushed and flossed less than twice a day have a 70 percent higher risk of death or hospitalization than those who do and although regular brushing and flossing do remove bacteria, many people floss incorrectly.

While breath fresheners and liquid mouthwashes may temporarily mask the problem, they don’t eradicate it. The only way to effectively prevent periodontal gum disease is to remove physically the food particles that are lodged between teeth. Food trapped below the gum line combines with bacteria to form plaque. This plaque is the main cause of gum disease and tooth decay. Sure, daily brushing and flossing can help but they only remove the particles they can reach and most periodontal disease germinates in the areas they miss.

Another important reason to remove all the food particles is the cause of bad breath itself.

Do you know the smell a body produces after heavy exercise (commonly known as B.O.) is not a by-product of sweat? Sweat is merely a system your body uses to cool itself. The smell comes from bacteria; well to be more exact, the smell comes from the waste product the bacteria excrete. Want to take a guess where bad breath comes from? Yes, that’s right, it comes from the same source, which is all the more reason to keep your mouth healthy and free of plaque.

Signs of periodontal disease are gum inflammation; the appearance of blood while brushing, and the discoloration of the gum line.

If you are already brushing and flossing but are unsure of its effectiveness, you can take the next stop. Since 1997, the Oral Breeze has been recommended by dentists as an effective alternative to brushing and flossing. As an oral irrigator, it is superior at removing the trapped food particles that cause plaque because its powerful water stream can reach places brushing and flossing can’t. Also, the Oral Breeze is non-abrasive, it is more effective at removing plaque and it actually strengthens the gum tissue with each use. What’s more, it comes with a 30 day no questions asked guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

As always you should see your dentist every six months, but in the meantime use the Oral Breeze regularly to ensure good oral hygiene and, more importantly, to lower your risk of heart disease and stroke.