More Testimonials


Sorry, I missed the place to put the note about the QuickBreeze™ . I absolutely love this product. My dentist had been telling me to irrigate my gums and get a [competing product]. This unit was large and a big hassle to me. I searched the Internet and found your product. I was amazed at how fast it arrived and the quality and guarantee of the product. Your product is easily installed and easy to use and takes up hardly any space. My gums have improved dramatically since using this product. Have you thought about making a travel unit? I don’t ever want to be without this product. You have made great product that is easy to use. Thanks so much. I am telling everyone I know about this wonderful product.


Dear Tom,

I have loved the ShowerBreeze™ since my husband installed it in our shower, and I’ve been wanting one for my kids’ shower. You see, they never quite got into the habit of using the QuickBreeze™ at their sink, and then my husband refused to reinstall the QuickBreeze™ when he replaced the faucet in their bathroom. One of my children wears braces, and I know that his teeth are not as clean as they would be if he used one of your fine products. My other two are teenagers, and don’t floss regularly, despite my “reminders.” I would love for them to have a ShowerBreeze™ since it is so convenient to use. The only downside I see is that they’ll spend even more time in the shower, but what’s a few more gallons of water if it keeps the dentist bills down!

As for me, I have used the ShowerBreeze™ religiously since my dentist recommended [a competing product] for a troublesome tooth. In order to save tooth #30, which has been filled, broken, crowned, and root canaled, but still developed an abscess between the roots (twice!), he trimmed down my gum on the outside surface to open up the area between the roots. There is not any brush that can clean that area. But I found your products on the web, and have been completely happy with the way the ShowerBreeze™ keeps my #30 and all my other teeth and gums clean and healthy. I also have found that I have less plaque and tartar buildup behind my lower front teeth than I ever have before, making my dental hygienist quite happy.




My mother had one years ago and lost it in the move. She was told she was near getting gum disease and she needed to start using a [competing product]. Until now, have we found one that work right from the sink, and it will be a surprise for her. The ShowerBreeze™ may be next. Thank you for not changing what wasn’t broken.


I gave a ShowerBreeze™ to my brother for Christmas. I have an oral irrigator myself and I liked it so much that I gave him one. Its part of my dental hygiene and I highly recommend it.

Harry P.

I’ve thrown away my [competing product] and use QuickBreeze™ exclusively, it’s so much easier. This dental hygiene product is several years and still performs perfectly. A good investment, wouldn’t you say?

D.G., OH

My kids actually love keeping their teeth clean now because they get to do it in the shower.


A.R., NC

My brother and I had some large pockets near our teeth. I had one that was up to a 5. Since I started using this product all pockets have reduced to less than a 2 most less than a 1. I’m happy and so is my dentist.

Mike, AK”

Wonderful! Excellent! Money well spent. I’ve just tried this product and I must say its like a breath of fresh air :-) , Its so easy to use. I’ve thrown away my old clunky [competing product]. I’ll be sure to recommend this product to family and friends.

Thanks, Barbie


Thank you once again for the ShowerBreeze™ and QuickBreeze™ that you sent a couple of weeks ago. Both myself and my fiance have been using the ShowerBreeze™ on almost a daily basis. It took some time to get use to, but after the initial adjustment, it has been wonderful. My teeth feel cleaner, and I have already noticed that my gums do not bleed when brushing.

C. Lister, OR

Hi Tom,

I am an extremely satisfied user of QuickBreeze™ . It hands down beats any other irrigator system I have seen, and on top of that it is much easier to use.

Lately, when I turn the irrigator off there is slow trickling water coming out of the tip. Is this a known problem and how do I correct it?

Best regards,




A new one is being mailed tomorrow.



I just ordered my second ShowerBreeze™. The best of the best! My dentist told me the results of a decade long study were in and I should switch from floss to [oral irrigation] immediately and permanently. I am getting one for each bathroom in our house! Thanks so much for your great offer.


Santa Monica.


I bought a ShowerBreeze™ from you several weeks ago and wanted to tell you about my experience. I’ve enjoyed using it in the shower, it’s convenient and takes only a few moments to clean my teeth. Two weeks ago I was at the dentist and the assistant commented on how nice and healthy my gums looked. That’s when I knew it was really working!



PS. By the way, I LOVE that thing. I can see that my gums are in better shape after just these 6 wks or so.


Just a note to tell you that I enjoy the extra clean feeling I have after using my QuickBreeze™ ….plus, my gums don’t bleed like they use to after just brushing…. I do have a [competing product] but it spent most of its time under the sink ….there is no excuse for not using the QuickBreeze™ daily because its always set up and ready to go.

Thank you …….. : )