Hygienist Testimonials

In the past I got small info/product sheets from you to pass along to my patients. I have run out and would like to get more. I love recommending your product and everyone who had purchased it has loved it! I have seen a significant improvement in their dental health.

Thanks for providing a great product.
Dorothy Wheatley, RDH

Dear Tom,

I am a total believer in the use of flushing devices for periodontal maintenance. With my bacterial background it makes perfect sense, and I can the see the results right in the office with the phase-contrast microscope. Clinically there is a huge difference with patients that irrigate and those who don’t. I see it daily. I am already sold. We have been encouraging sub gingival irrigation in our office for the last 21+ years.

But we have seen the largest increase in the patient’s use, with your product or products which we feel are far superior. I agree that getting the word out is the key to helping patients, but more importantly hygienists and doctors need to be brought up to speed, to understand the importance of irrigating the bacteria that is responsible for the breakdown of the periodontal tissues before it can set up shop and begin initiating the body’s immune system response towards it ( i.e. inflammation, hemorrhaging, increase in pocket depth, & bone loss etc) and then encourage patients to buy a product that can help them do that, along with one on one instructions from their dental professional.

J. Wagner, RDH

I love my ShowerBreeze™! My name is Janet Silk Irvin. I am a registered dental hygienist in Los Gatos, CA. The ShowerBreeze™ is easy to use and so convenient in the shower! No water mess everywhere! I feel it is very beneficial in reducing and disrupting bacteria in the mouth! It’s great for people that have periodontal disease, people with braces and for people who want an added bonus in addition to flossing daily!

Janet Silk Irvin – Dental Hygienist

The (competing product) has always been a great tool for dental home care. Thanks for making it into the ShowerBreeze™. It is so much more convenient and what a space saver.

Sarah Cox, RDH

I am a Dental Hygienist and wanted to give some feedback on the ShowerBreeze™. I have seen significant improvement in bleeding with all my clients using your product. I have seen even the most difficult noncompliant types rave about its ease of use. I highly recommend it over the sink model because you do not have to worry about splashing and leaning over in a stooped position. It is cheaper than any of the portable types, is no need to plug it in, fill it up and find room for it. It has no motor to break down, which is a complaint I get from any of the portable motorized types [they only seem to last a few years]. I have had no complaints or returns on your products.

D. Barto, RDH RCP

I have been recommending the Oral Breeze for several years to my patients. I see a marked improvement in their tissue color, consistency, and their probing depths with just adding the Oral Breeze water jet to their home care regimen. I find much greater patient compliance with the water jet that connects directly to the water source as opposed to the counter top models. I do believe there is a right way to use an oral irrigator. I instruct my patients to hold the tip at a right angle in between each and every tooth for 8 to 10 seconds per tooth. I explain to them about the physics principle called the Venturi effect: where there is a higher pressure (the water flow) going over an area with a lower pressure (the periodontal pocket) it will create a vacuum and draw the bacteria out from under the gums. This effect will not happen in 2 – 3 seconds. They must spend the proper amount of time on each inter-proximal space.

Also, as that water flows across the pocket it will create oxygen bubbles and water that will flow down into the pocket and disrupt the anaerobic bacteria which is responsible for gum disease. I have patients that believe their Oral Breeze water jet use has saved them from Perio surgery and from losing teeth. They also love how clean their mouth feels and say they cannot believe how much stuff comes out even after brushing and flossing.

I find the ShowerBreeze™ very convenient for most people and spare them the mess on the mirror and counter. However, for orthodontic patients the QuickBreeze™ is a must have. I was in orthodontics for the past year and found the most annoying part was the food that gets caught in your braces. I would not have been without my QuickBreeze™ ! These products are so much more convenient and effective than the counter top models.

Thanks so much Tom. You’re the greatest!
Elaine Casados, R.D.H.
Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Hi Tom

The ShowerBreeze™ has made a big difference for many of my patients. They come back to my office with lower pocket depths and less bleeding after using your product. They also appreciate how easy it is to install and use. Many of them would not floss or use any other devices to clean inter proximally but will use your product in the shower!

Thanks for making a great product.

Teresa Smith, RDH