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We received our brochures and samples yesterday. Thank you SO much, the other hygienists were really excited! I've recommended your product for years, but it's new to this practice. I really appreciate your generosity and quick response. I saw a perio maintenance patient early this summer, who still had generalised pocketing and bleeding. I recommended a shower breeze to him... He ordered one and used it šŸ˜‰. He was back in a couple weeks ago (one of the other hygienists saw him). He had gone from 67 bleeding spots to 1 in three months! She was amazed, and has also been recommending these now. "

The Best Water Flossers

or, How to Keep Your Teeth for a Lifetime!

Reversing and preventing gum disease relies on daily plaque control. But while brushing your teeth every day is a good start, it simply isn't enough. Thatā€™s why dental professionals recommend oral irrigation as an effective way to reduce plaque buildup without the tedium of flossing. Using an oral irrigator like those produced by OralBreeze for just 15 seconds after brushing can significantly improve the overall health of your teeth and gums, according to recent dental studies.

But you canā€™t reap these benefits just by buying an oral irrigator. You have to use it every day. The "toxic stewā€ of trapped food particles, bacteria and saliva known as plaque hardens into tartar in just 24 hours and then can only be removed by a dentist. So unless you commit to getting rid of plaque every day, no matter what, this contaminated crust will build up and inflame your gums, eventually leading to advanced gum disease.

Many oral irrigation products are large appliances with bulky tanks that take up valuable counter space and are just too much of a pain to set up and use. As a result, 90% of dental irrigators sit in bathroom cabinets or under the sink collecting dust, rather than removing plaque like they should. Out of sight, out of mind! However, OralBreeze water flossers are designed to easily connect to your bathroom faucet or showerhead, without blocking them, so they are always ready to use.

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