Dental Testimonials


I just wanted to relay a story. The other day I had an emergency patient who came in because her periodontist wanted her to have a tooth pulled .I looked at her tooth and her mouth and truly it was a bad situation, a 7 mm pocket with a lot of infection. I told her the dentist was most likely correct but lets just try something. I gave her your oral breeze, instructed her how to use it and said I would check in a few weeks.

Well to make a long story short, a year and some months later and the tooth has tightened up and it seems it will be OK. I thought this story was good and just an example of how I feel about your product. This is not a commercial for those who read this, the oral breeze is the best dental product there is! Thanks for your commitment to excellence and your great product.

Thanks so much.

David Hall, DDS  Retired

Since we found your product QuickBreeze™ , can serve our patients easier and better, we strongly recommend QuickBreeze™ to our patient. We have noticed that our patients like QuickBreeze™ and follow our home oral hygiene protocol more easily. Recall patients who follow the protocol with using QuickBreeze™ show better oral hygiene condition and periodontal improvement. That is the contribution of QuickBreeze™ to our patients.


Mark Mao, D.D.S.
507 Williams Ave S
Renton, WA – Washington 98057

Dear Mr. Tom Spaulding,

We got your product called ShowerBreeze™ a few years ago from a dental supply representative. We found the product was very simple, and easy to use. Also, comparing with other water irrigation systems for home dental hygiene on market, we found that your product, now called QuickBreeze™ is more durable and has better cost/effective outcome.

From dental professional point of view, we believe that intra oral water irrigation certainly will help to clean teeth and periodontal tissue, and stimulate blood circulation of gingival tissue, which help maintain healthy status of teeth and periodontal tissue.

Our post treatment home oral hygiene protocol includes:

brushing and flossing
water irrigation, then
antimicrobial solution rinse.

Tom Spaulding

Thanks again-you sent me a sample Oral-Breeze some time ago. I’ve recommended it to many people.


R. Thoen, DDS

Dear Tom,

I have seen a marked improvement in the oral health of my patients who have used oral irrigation. The wonderful benefit of the Oral Breeze products is ease of use so that patient compliance is extremely high. The ShowerBreeze™ and QuickBreeze™ are so convenient to use that patients willingly include them in their daily oral hygiene regimen.

Beverly Thurmond, D.D.S.
2990 N Main St Ste 2B
Las Cruces , NM 88001

I have found that water irrigation as an adjunct to routine brushing and flossing can be a significant factor in maintaining periodontal health. For many, flossing is problematic, and for patients with periodontal compromises, flossing subgingivally has its limitations. The Oral Breeze oral irrigation products are some of the most economical and practical ways to use water irrigation as a way to enhance dental and periodontal health.

John Y. Kwan, DDS
Practicing the art and science of periodontal and implant care.
Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology
6333 Telegraph Ave, Ste 101
Oakland CA 94609


I just ordered 5 ShowerBreeze™ I am a dentist & I love your products.

Dave Blench, D.D.S.
Box 6060 Peace River, Alberta T8S-1S1

Thank you so very much for the complimentary ShowerBreeze™ and QuickBreeze™. I am using it myself and have recommended [competing product] for years. This is much better, easier, cleaner and does the job. I look forward to recommending these products for my patients. Have a great holiday and thanks again.

W.W. Daniels, D.M.D.
Periodontics & Implantology
303 University Drive E # A
College Station, TX. 77840
979) 846-7016
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I need to order another dozen ShowerBreeze™s. Love your product!

Evan D. Schafer, DDS
4610 N. Ash, Suite 102
Spokane, WA 99205

Dear Oral-Breeze

This is a note to thank you for developing the QuickBreeze™/ShowerBreeze™. I use one in each shower that I have. I also have a supply on hand at my office for purchase, at cost, for all patients, and provide one at no cost to any patient going through comprehensive periodontal treatment. That way I feel more secure that the patient is armed with a very important weapon in the “war on plaque”. I strongly feel that irrigation therapy, in addition to all the other periodontal adjuncts is extremely important.

Professionally yours,
Gary W. Edgar, D.D.S.
1989 Frontage Rd
Sierra Vista AZ 85635
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I’ve been promoting pressure irrigation in my rural practice for over 20 years. I’ve tried all the rest and, in my opinion, the Oral Breeze ShowerBreeze™ is the best. Most people burn out quickly with electric and faucet models because of the mess and splatter. With a ShowerBreeze™, the mess stays inside an already wet shower. Also, the pressure and temperature are easily adjustable on the ShowerBreeze™ a feature lacking in other models.

For our patients needing periodontal therapy the ShowerBreeze™ causes significant reduction in inflammation, swelling and suppuration. In patients whose teeth have been thoroughly root planed and have pocket depths less than 6 mm, faithful use of the ShowerBreeze™ helps to stabilize bone loss and pocket depth; their periodontitis seldom worsens. In more severe areas, mechanical dislodgment off the flora with, say, a small subgingival brush followed by irrigation usually yields significant improvement.

I enjoy using my ShowerBreeze™ every day, but even more, I enjoy the extra boost it gives my patients toward optimal dental health.

Tom Morgan, D.D.S.
318 Main St
Gauley Bridge, WV 25085
304- 632-2550
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Dear Tom,

I saw something so amazing last week, I just had to tell you. 8 weeks ago a new patient came in for an evaluation. Another dentist told her she needed deep cleaning’s and gum surgery. She wanted a second opinion.

I agreed that she had significant gum problems. She absolutely wanted to avoid any gum surgery and said she would do anything. I gave her the instructions for Directed Water Irrigation. She got an OralBreeze™ Irrigator and went home to start using it right away.

When I saw her last week, I couldn’t believe it. All of her 6mm gum pockets had reduced to 3mm, except one which was 5mm. And there was no bleeding anywhere! That means that she didn’t need any gum surgery, and she didn’t even need the deep cleaning! And the only change she did to her daily routine was to use Directed Water Irrigation with the OralBreeze twice a day. Just thought you might want to know. Another Amazing Success!

In the Interest of Better Dental Health,
Charles Reinertsen, D.M.D.
215 E Burleigh Blvd
Tavares, FL 32778
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We love recommending the Oral Breeze products.  They make it easier for patients to comply with increasing their hygiene habits and decreasing their bleeding sites.  The company is a pleasure to deal with, too.

Dr. Ann Christopher, D.D.S.
3701 Eastern Ave
Baltimore, MD 21224
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Our hygienist discovered OralBreeze about 8 months ago. We were extremely impressed with the concept. We have been recommending OralBreeze to our patients and have noticed great results. Many people do not floss as often as recommended. We feel as oral health care providers that it is our responsibility to recommend aids to help compensate for lack of flossing. OralBreeze is a great adjunct for patients to use in addition to flossing. Patients are very happy with the ease of use and results. We have definitely noticed a huge improvement of at home oral hygiene in our patients who have purchased the OralBreeze.

Joseph N. Grimaudo, D.M.D.
All Smiles Tampa Bay
17200 Camelot Court
Land O’ Lakes, FL 34638

I am a dental hygienist in a general practice office. We advertise Oral Breeze in our hygiene operation I am interested in getting more brochures to hand out to patients. We have the Shower breeze demo in our office, but no more brochures to hand out. If we could order some that would be great! Thank you for your time.

Meredith Cockrell, RDH