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Customer Testimonials

Review Stars - Steve Aronson .
This product is one of the best health care products I’ve ever owned. It’s so simple and uncomplicated, yet it’s so incredibly effective. I’m 61 years old, I wore braces as a teenager and back then the Water Pik was recommended by all the orthodontists. It worked very well and I continued to use one off and on for the rest of my life. The problem with the Water Pik is that you have to keep filling up the tank, it’s really noisy, it has a huge footprint on the bathroom counter, and it requires a lot of cleaning regularly. The Quick Breeze solves all of those problems in one fell swoop. Since the water supply is continuous and endless, you can take your time and really do a good job hitting every spot, you’re never racing against the tank running out of water and that is what makes it so much more effective. My dentist has commented many times on the Quick Breeze, he never heard of it until I told him about it, but he always remarked on the unusual cleanliness of my teeth and gums. The combination of using a Sonicare toothbrush and a Quick Breeze irrigator result in very little plaque or tartar buildup at all. Cleanings are a breeze.
Review Stars - Mike ONeill .
My dentist recommended using the Oral Breeze device years ago. Once I started using it there was no stopping. It is quick and easy and it thoroughly cleans between your teeth and along the gum line. I brush with the sonicare brush and then I use my Oral Breeze. Even after brushing I always see food particles that are flushed out by the Oral Breeze. I like the strong jet and the clean feeling that results. Based on what my hygienist says about the condition of my teeth and gums I must be doing something right. I really can’t believe how few people use this technology and I can’t fathom why they don’t. (Short anecdote: A couple years ago I moved into a new house that had weird plumbing fixtures which used a special European thread size. I couldn’t attach the Oral Breeze to the faucet so I found a machinist and had him make a special adapter that would allow me to attach it. That’s how important I think it is.)
Review Stars - Rich Randall .
I have two oral breeze units and couldn't be happier. I have a number of dental issues including a long span bridge held by three implants and several areas prone to impacting food. Oral breeze irrigating is the only way I survive. I always take a unit along with some pliers when I am traveling because I can't live without it. Thanks for a great product and wonderful service.
Review Stars - Josh Milleron .
Love this! No messy appliance on our countertop & no water to refill! Just pop it on & use on your gums. Now it's part of my daily shower routine!
Review Stars - Pilar M. Diffenderfer .
I'm a dental hygienist and I recommend this product to all my patients. If you would like your dentist and hygienist to stop nagging you about your gingivitis and bone loss buy one of these ASAP and use daily while you're in the shower! The results are AMAZING! I recommend a medium pressure and to aim the water stream toward your gumline to clean out the bacteria, plaque and food debris from under your gums. Be careful not to use too high of pressure! If the water stream hurts or feels aggressive then turn it down. I also recommend to all my patients to pull back a little with the tip so it doesn't ride on or touch the gums. You will blow your hygienist away with the transformation that will occur with your gums at your next dental cleaning! Good luck!

Review Stars - Phillip Shannon .
Well at last, a veteran owned and operated company! I am thrilled to help all of you by buying and suporting your products. I just want all of you to know how much your service means to me. I wish I could do more to help you so I promise you that after I use your Shower Breeze I will be telling all the people at the Dental Center how convient it is compared to the WaterPik which is 4 to 5 more costly and most importently to me...METAL construction. More than my friends and family also. God bless all of you and best of luck.

Review Stars - Michael Dumenjo Jr. .
First, allow me to thank you for inventing such a great product! I have been using it faithfully since 2008 and just love the way it cleans my teeth and maintains my dental health! I have used many irrigators over the years and yours is simply the BEST! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Review Stars - John G.
I received the replacement this weekend and installed it Sunday. It worked great. Thank you for all you help and you have a customer for life. Being a retired service director I have always believed customer service is what keeps your customers coming back and you are an outstanding example of good customer service. Oralbreeze is lucky to have you on their team.

Review Stars - Kathleen S .
Tom, Thanks for letting me know the status of my request. Your solution is fine. I plan to show your product to my dentist. Although she recommended that I get an irrigator, she didn’t have a specific kind in mind because she thought they were all pretty much the same. I want her to see how different yours is from the mass-marketed ones. Again, I appreciate your help. And I love using my ShowerBreeze every day! My gums feel great!

Review Stars - Paul Logue

I think I am one of your early customers. It was you who answered the phone when I called. Later, it was a very pleasant girl who answered. I spoke at length with you about the effectiveness of your RediBreeze product and how it was better than the competing pulsing jet product. You kindly sent me a modified hypodermic attachment, which I used to good effect on spaces between the tooth furcations and the bone. Thank you.

I convinced my wife to purchase one of your products, and she likes it, too. I use it every night before bedtime to flush out bits of food and spices that would like to stay trapped overnight. The process is very effective, and for several years I have had no cavities and no further deterioration of my 91-year-old gums.

I hope your product is making lots of money for you; it deserves high praise.

Review Stars - Brad B
Janet, wow! I did not expect such fast response and replacement. Thank You. Excellent product support! I installed the new style valve, If a person can be thrilled with a dental device. please color me in as thrilled:). I have an older SB at my cabin and used it this week end, and was hoping that I could get one that worked this well. the new SB works just as if I built it to my own specs. full flow to shower head, no restriction, and an awesome flow to pic, for gums and for washing down shower stall:). I am back to crowing about your product. are you looking for testimonials??

Review Stars - Michael
I am a long time customer and I just wanted to express my thanks to Oral Breeze for the quality product that has improved my family's dental health so much. Over the years the convenience and durability of your products have proved remarkable as has your customer service. I see many imitations but to me there is only one Oral Breeze.

Review Stars - Randy H .St. Helens, OR
You are awesome! I would like to have the QuickBreeze, as then I can store it away.

Review Stars - Carola
The oral Breeze rocks.Easy to use great results. I ordered one for my daughters shower.
Thanks you, great invention!!!!