More Customer Testimonials

“Hi Tom,

I’m sorry, I failed to follow instructions on the short note. I really liked my QuickBreeze™ . It’s so convenient and easy to use. There is really no excuse for not using it. It’s so handy. My gums have improved greatly. My dentist was quite amazed by the degree of improvement. I’m deciding which lucky friend will be the recipient of the new [Breeze™]. Maybe I’ll save it for the future – I don’t get the impression that the old one is wearing out, however. Really a great product!

Thank you,


PS, I have used a [competing product] for a long time, but wanted this for when I don’t have time to set up all that stuff. Like an extra pic. My gums are already used to it and my teeth are nice and clean. Oh, is there any way to modify this to the other type with the water volume? can I add a part, or should I simply order the “deluxe” one. I didn’t realize how sensitive my water pressure is. If I cant, then no problem, I will just consider buying your better unit when I get around to it. Thanks again.”

“Tom, I don’t think I can add or amend. You can just respond on it and say “bad part replaced free, now works fine – customer happy! ” that should do it!!! Thanks for everything you are a gentleman. If you know how I can, let me know.


Hi Tom:

I received my replacement outer valve today (04/04/07. I have installed it and everything is working just GREAT!!!!! Thank you again for your immediate response for my request for assistance. It is a pleasure to do business with a company with such wonderful customer service.


Beverly G.

You have responded quickly to both of my inquiries. I will make sure I tell everyone the fantastic Customer Service Oral Breeze provides!!!!

Thanks again,

Joseph G.


I can’t thank you enough for your quick response to my problem with my new QuickBreeze™ . I know that with the use of the QuickBreeze™ I will be able to keep my dental health under control as I recover from my surgery and after for routine care.. Thank you again for your assistance. It is a pleasure to do business with some one that cares.

Your Sincerely,

Beverly G

Thank you TOM,

Hi Tom,

Thank you so much, I received my QuickBreeze™ in two days! and, have been merrily breezing away ever since. My mouth is so happy! I’ve been singing QuickBreeze™ praises to all.

Thank you again, for your assistance and wonderful product.

Happy Breezing


San Diego

Got it yesterday and it’s great. We love it. Thanks Les C. iyoyo2

I received my QuickBreeze™ and I love it.

Thank you.

Ginger K.

I have been using your Oral Irrigator for some time now, and it’s a really great product.

I cannot floss and I found the [competing product] so difficult to set up and use but as you say in your ad, having it permanently connected to the sink, makes it so quick to use after brushing. My dentist has told me, “whatever you are doing, it is working so keep it up”.


Mike M


Pembroke, Ontario


The oral Breeze rocks.Easy to use great results. I ordered one for my daughters shower.

Thanks you, great invention!!!!


Dear Oral Breeze, Just a word of gratitude to your Customer Service. Last year, I ordered an Oral Breeze device that turned out to be defective after being installed. I contacted your Customer Service who immediately sent me a functional one! In my latest order last week when I received the device without the payment received by Oral Breeze, I was very determined on making sure that I do the payment immediately after I came back to UAE from Canada. I even created a special PayPal account to do that! What I want to say is that I am extremely impressed by the way you treat customers around the world! You are a wonderful company that deserves full respect and appreciation! God bless you!

Regards ,

Mohammad A.

Tom, Thanks for letting me know the status of my request. Your solution is fine. I plan to show your product to my dentist. Although she recommended that I get an irrigator, she didn’t have a specific kind in mind because she thought they were all pretty much the same. I want her to see how different yours is from the mass-marketed ones. Again, I appreciate your help. And I love using my ShowerBreeze™ every day! My gums feel great!

Best wishes,

Kathleen S .