Care of Permanent Restorations

If you have permanent restorations such as, Crowns, Bridges and Implants, you know the margins of these teeth just aren't the same as a natural, virgin tooth. In fact, even though a crown may feel nice and smooth to your tongue, there is a microscopic margin which runs all the way around it where it is cemented to natural, prepared tooth. These margins are a magnet for plaque and biofilm to adhere to. This makes these areas more prone to gingivitis, gum disease and recurrent decay. A simple bit of redness or irritation can quickly and easily become detached gum tissue, deepening gum pockets and bone loss if they are not reversed by good oral care. With the help of the OralBreeze Irrigator, you can simply flush these areas clean of biofilm every day!

With large restorations such as bridges, where there are long, open areas between the replacement tooth and your gum tissue, it can be difficult or impossible for some people to clean with traditional methods. An OralBreeze Irrigator can simply be placed pointing up underneath the bridge to help flush these areas clean of biofilm, plaque, and food debris. This helps keep the area clean and healthy for times to come.

After the investment of time and money into permanent restorations such as these, you will want to provide special care to protect them and extend their life. This means expanding your normal daily oral hygiene routine to provide extra attention to these areas. Sometimes floss will catch and tear around these sharp margins. Often people are literally afraid of catching floss around these teeth, thinking they may pull something out.

With the OralBreeze oral irrigators you can be sure to easily reach the biofilm and loosely attached plaque around the entire margin of your teeth and restorations. By flushing the toxins out of these areas you will keep your teeth cleaner, healthier and maintain the restorations longer. That means fewer visits to the dentist.