Bad Breath - It’s More Serious Than You Realize

Over the years, bad breath or halitosis has been portrayed comically. Flowers wilt, dogs play dead, and people jam their heads outside windows for air following contact with one so affected.

The idea was to remind people gently to brush or use mouthwash in order not to offend.

Over the last decade, much attention has been paid to flossing. It’s been touted as being essential to good oral hygiene and necessary to prevent tooth decay. Lately, Listerine commercials show their product washing the inside of a person’s mouth. Again gently and non-offending.

Also, there have been articles written showing a connection between tooth decay and heart disease. It is true. They are connected, but it doesn’t register with people because the claim is too general. If tooth decay affects the heart, then it probably affects the stomach, liver and intestines and so on, which dilutes the importance of a clean mouth and the danger tooth decay presents.

Well, it’s time to take off the kid gloves and start addressing what is really happening inside your mouth.

Most people brush or use mouthwash before heading off to work, but those products only do a small part of cleaning and disinfecting the mouth and don’t address the real problem.

Tooth decay begins when small pieces of food are lodged in small, hard to reach places in the mouth. Places unaffected by brushing, mouthwash or flossing. Over time, that area of your mouth creates a dental plaque that in turn creates a breeding ground for Streptococcus mutant bacteria. This form of bacteria secretes an acid that dissolves enamel. Also, these growing communities of bacteria secrete waste product that is the central cause of bad breath. Then it attacks the gums causing them to recede resulting in loose teeth and then permanent loss.

That’s right, a little neglect or ineffective oral hygiene routines often turn a happy, healthy mouth with strong teeth and gums into a decaying dental structure;  filled with bacteria, dental plaque, destructive acids and waste product.

Too often people believe that regular brushing and flossing protect their teeth and prevent tooth decay.

Not if those tiny pieces of food in hard to reach places aren’t removed. And frankly, pieces of waxed string rubbed in between the teeth is nowhere as effective as it needs to be.

That’s where the Oral Breeze comes in. Highly recommended by dentists and oral surgeons alike, the Oral Breeze’s powerful water jet blasts those hidden piece of food from your mouth, prevents the buildup of dental plaque and strengthens gums preventing periodontal disease.

Your teeth need to last a lifetime and by using the Oral Breeze every day, you can make that happen, because if there is no breeding ground, there is no tooth decay or periodontal disease.

So purchase your Oral Breeze now and start providing a full range of protection for your mouth, teeth and gums.