Advanced Gum Disease Treatments

For many people, gum disease can become a serious health risk when it reaches an advanced stage. Many experts in the dental field say that poor brushing habits and an overall lack of oral hygiene are to blame for this issue and have become increasingly concerned with combating this growing problem. Though many dental professionals treat gum disease through the use of antibiotics and surgical procedures, it has also come to light that simple oral irrigation can be just as effective as these measures.

When gums become inflamed and red in appearance, it signals the start of gum disease. If caught in this early stage, gum disease can quickly be stopped before it reaches an advanced level, also known as periodontitis. When gum disease reaches this advanced stage, it becomes a severe problem that can have dire consequences and require significant intervention. It is important to remember that gum disease is caused by the presence of bacteria on your gums that lead to an infection. Therefore, working to eliminate these bacteria from your mouth, including your gums, must be the highest priority when it comes to a treatment plan.

Like most other parts of your body, your mouth contains what is considered both bad and good bacteria. Therefore, it is important to use a method to rid your mouth and gums of these dangerous bacteria while also not eliminating the presence of "good" bacteria in the process. This very fact is what makes oral irrigation such an effective tool for treating and preventing gum disease. Most dental professionals recommend oral irrigation as a way to clean both your teeth and gums, eliminating "bad" bacteria and flushing out food particles that often cannot be reached by brushing alone.

Oral irrigators use a pressurized stream of water to wash both bacteria and food particles gently from your mouth. Likewise, oral irrigation can be used to flush the infection caused by gum disease and works to keep this issue in check by keeping your gums clean. Recent studies say industry experts, show that oral irrigation is an effective way to treat even advanced gum disease gently through the use of oral irrigators.