5 Common Bad Breath Myths

Bad breath is a problem that occasionally affects everyone. Despite common beliefs, it is not always caused by poor oral hygiene. If you suffer from bad breath, do not feel depressed or discouraged! Curing and preventing bad breath is simple, but many bad breath resources over-complicate the subject. They want you to believe that you must spend a lot of money to eliminate bad breath, which is not true! If you are conscious about your breath (who is not!), please save yourself from unnecessary frustration and remember the following myths…

Myth #1: Treating bad breath requires expensive products

While some commercial products effectively cure bad breath, they are expensive and require repetitive use. Bad breath is caused by bacteria that live on and under your tongue’s surface. You must use a solution containing ingredients that can kill those bacteria. Most commercial bad breath cures contain the same (or similar) ingredients as effective home remedies.

Myth #2: Bad breath cannot be cured – only masked

Temporarily masking your bad breath with mints and sprays can worsen your problem. Their ingredients create a hospitable environment for bacteria to thrive in your mouth. You must kill the nasty bacteria that omit foul odors from your mouth to eliminate bad breath. Even though you may feel helpless and discouraged that nothing will work, you can overcome bad breath.

Myth #3: Bad breath originates in the stomach

Years ago, there was much hype about pills that claimed to cure bad breath in your stomach. Fortunately, the US Food and Drug Administration put an end to that! Remember, bad breath does not originate in the stomach; bad breath originates from bacteria that naturally exist within your mouth.

Myth #4: There is a one-time cure for bad breath

To prevent bad breath, you must change your oral hygiene habits and use a combination of products that kill "bad breath bacteria". You must continually apply your regimen to keep bad breath away; otherwise, the bacteria that naturally exist in your mouth will reproduce at an alarming rate and continue producing bad breath.

Myth #5: Bad breath is a result of poor oral hygiene

Many people assume that bad breath is caused by poor oral hygiene. You probably have better oral hygiene habits than most people! Curing bad breath requires that you use the right products, the right way, to destroy bacteria in your mouth. Surprisingly, some toothpastes and mouthwashes can actually worsen your bad breath!


Cut through the misinformation and learn how to effectively eliminate bad breath. I know you're tired of combating bad breath and salvaging your happiness to it. You feel like curing it is hopeless, and that you have the misfortunate fate of coping with it for your entire life.

That is what society wants you to believe! You do not deserve to be excluded from society or denied your happiness. I am not dramatizing the situation; I am presenting the facts. Understand that there are effective bad breath treatments that are not expensive or complicated.

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You have every right to live a happy and fulfilling life. Do not accept bad breath – fight it!