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ShowerBreeze vs. Waterpik® - A Direct Comparison

Everyone will benefit from stepping up their dental health and hygiene practices, and the best first step is to start using an oral irrigation system. But before you commit to one, keep in mind that they are not all created equal.

OralBreeze ShowerBreeze vs. Waterpik® Showerpik® – which is the better water flosser? Here is our direct comparison.

The Similarities:

The OralBreeze ShowerBreeze and Waterpik® Showerpik® both have the same honorable dental health goals. Each product offers a convenient, effective way to keep gums healthy and prevent bleeding, ward off diseases like gingivitis or periodontitis, remove plaque, and more.

Both designs attach right to your showerhead, allowing you to use them while you shower instead of adding a completely separate chore to keep up with in your daily routine. With the included water diverters, each product gives you the option to irrigate with the shower running or use it by itself.

So, how do the two begin to stray from one another?

The Differences:


When you add the ShowerBreeze to your showerhead, you won’t need to reach for a single tool. The diverter features a quick and easy tool-free assembly.

The Showerpik® will need you to break out the toolbox for a wrench and flathead screwdriver.


The 2-way shower diverter for the Showerpik® will extend the length of your showerhead by a decent amount. The Showerpik® unit itself is also a great deal larger and bulkier than the ShowerBreeze, and it can only be stored on the shower diverter’s built-in holder.  If you’re tall or have a cramped shower space, the size can be an inconvenience.

On the other hand, the ShowerBreeze has a much less intrusive design. The diverter isn’t as bulky, the irrigator unit is very slim, and the included holder gives you the option to hang the hose and irrigator tips right on the wall and out of your way.


The Showerpik® adapter parts are made of plastic and prone to eventual leaking. The ShowerBreeze valve is durable chrome plated brass for long-lasting use.

   Hose Length

The Showerpik® provides a 3-foot hose for its irrigator. The ShowerBreeze hose is 6-feet long. Many users have even found this longer hose to come in handy in multipurpose ways, like using the targeted water pressure to clean soap dishes and other hard-to-clean areas in the shower!


With the Waterpik®, your water flossing habit will depend heavily on the life of its rechargeable battery. Rechargeable batteries eventually lose their longevity. The battery that once lasted a week or two on a full charge now needs to be charged every few days. Before you know it, you’ve forgotten to charge it, and instead of waiting, you decide to skip using it that day. Suddenly your daily habit of water flossing is slacking.

The ShowerBreeze is free of noisy motors and relies on the water flow that is already provided by your shower. It’s ready to go at all times, so you never have to base your healthy habits on the life of a battery.

   Water Pressure Control

Everyone has a different level of sensitivity. The Showerpik® provides two modes for water pressure, which may increase too much pressure for some users and not enough for others.

OralBreeze knows that your comfort level may not fit into one of two settings. That’s why the ShowerBreeze gives you full control. You can set your water pressure level to anything in between completely on and completely off.


One of the biggest, and most significant, differences between the two products comes down to price. The Showerpik® runs you $69.99 while the ShowerBreeze is just $34.95. Why pay twice the price when the ShowerBreeze offers an overall more convenient solution?

Not a total fan of the shower system? OralBreeze and Waterpik® offer alternative oral irrigation products as well.

If you want to keep cleaning confined to your bathroom sink, the OralBreeze RediBreeze easily attaches to the sink faucet. Similar to the ShowerBreeze, the RediBreeze includes a valve that can direct the water flow through the oral irrigator only, or allow the sink faucet to run as normal. It’s a convenient way to care for your teeth and gums after routine brushing, won’t leave behind a mess, and doesn’t pose a risk for bacterial growth since you’ll always get fresh water flowing from the faucet with every use.

The Waterpik® has countertop options as well, but they are separate units that draw water from a water tank instead of the valve. Though many of the countertop options offer handy features, like timers and multiple cleaning modes, the tradeoff is their large size. This is a major inconvenience for tiny bathrooms with limited counter space. Also, since these counter units don’t draw fresh water with each use, there is also a sanitation concern to consider. Stagnant water can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. You can empty the tank daily, drain the hose, and clean the unit thoroughly as needed but we all tend to let maintenance like this slide, despite our best intentions. Why take the risk?

Although Waterpik® offers some fun, colorful options, this isn’t enough to distract us from the price difference. For the price of a single Waterpik® product, you could get the OralBreeze ShowerBreeze and a RediBreeze – and still save significantly!